1) automotive tips and questions

Q: My girlfriend/ a significant female in my life wants me to fix her car/ change her tire/ oil. I know nothing about cars. What should I do?

A: Don't do it. Fixing your lady's car and being a handy man are great ways to score awesome points with your girl.BUT Breaking her car and or making an idiot of your self are great ways to NOT score awesome points. OUR suggestion is that you learn to do a few simple things such as changing your oil and your tires, and tout them as if they were nearly impossible tasks. Later when you practice these new found skills for your lady you'll look like a man of skill and ingenuity. Remember, it's not how great you are, it's how great they THiNK you are.


Q: Is riding a motorcycle really THAT awesome?

A: Yes. Motocycles are indeed awesome. But you know what isn't awesome? Posers. Remember, Don't be a poser. Ever.

Here are a few tips for our motorcycle riders our there. Easy on the leather. Chaps or a jacket. Choose one. We're partial to jackets. Hard core riding and long distance trips are really the only excuse for both.

Wear a helmet. For those of you who think not wearing a helemet is cool; you're right. Not wearing a helmet is really awesome right until you have gravelly tread marks on your face. Gravel in the face- - never awesome. www.sfurbanmoto.com/reality2.htm is a great place to go to for those of you know need a little convincing.