Killing Spree!

People are not invincible. They cannot jump from high buildings while dual wielding rifles and killing aliens. But Master Chief can. And the next best thing to doing it, is getting on xbox live every weekend and pretending to do it against nine other people on team slayer. We love Halo 3. It's awesome. From the sticky grenades to the the beam swords, not being outside has never been so fun. The folks over at Bungie (the developing studio for Halo) know exactly what people want. They want their ego stroked. When you snipe some one, you don't just want the personal satisfaction of a job well done, you want a notification to come up on the bottom left side of the screen telling every one of your exploits. And when you kill five people in a row, you don't just want to yell in the living room for no one to hear, you want a deep growly voice to come over the speakers and say "KILLING SPREE!" The spirit of self Aggrandizing is what makes Halo 3 truely awesome. And awesome it is. HALO 3, We salute you.