man's head up elephant's butt.

Man's head up elephant's butt. This happens to be the title or our new favorite internet video. Normally we wouldn't really call internet videos awesome. They're overrated. The hours spent combing through youtube could be easily be spent doing some thing better and more awesome. But occasionally there comes a video at just the right time that catches us when we are in just the right mood. Imagine yourselfsitting bored at school. You look at the computer next to you and see the words " man's head up elephant's butt." It sounds perposterous. Ridiculous. Probably some thing just made up by some one with too much time on their hands. But the title is just too interesting to pass up. So you click the link. And you see the most beautifully hilarious thing you've seen in days. You see a man with his head stuck in an elephant's butt. This article is a salute to those awesome videos that catch you at just the right time.