Below are a few examples of beards that should be kept, as well as a few reasons why.


Yes Tony Stark is fictional. But his awesome facial hair sure isn't. This awesome peice of man hair could only be acheived by those with the highest of beard growing potential and should not be attempted by those of us with patchy looking beards. But for those you who've got it, The Tony Stark beard is certainly a some thing to aspire to. It does however require a good amount of matenainance. Having this beard would be like bragging to less beardy people about your awesome facial hair.

Lyle Alzado was an intense person. Winning multiple awards in his time, today He is probably best known as the man who ripped off another players helmet and threw it across the field. Yeah...After his retirement he admitted to using anabolic steroids leading, many people denied his accomplishments. But there's one thing you can't deny. That's one heck of a beard he's sporting. The great thing about this guy's ugly mug is that he's so repugnant that what ever facial hair he comes up with, can't actually make him look worse. Notice the scruff protruding from every where. It's beautful. He should keep this beardbecause there's no reason for him to get rid of it. Good work Mr. Alzado. We're giving you the postmortum be awesome beard award. Cherish it.