We love facial hair. But as with most awesome things, even facial hair can eventually be over done. For example, If you find your self looking at pictures of Robert E. Lee in your history book and remaining unimpressed, you may want to reevaluate what your face looks like. We find that the most common facial hair problem is quantity. People either have way to much, or not nearly enough to cultivate any thing more than a slight fuzz on their face.

Our first target in the shave it not keep it section is a man who seems to be every where these days.

Shia Lebeouf

Just a quick message to Shia; Your beard stinks. You are NOT awesome. Your boy face mixed with your man hair yeilds a very unpleasant concoction. We here at beawesome apologize to every one out there with a boy faces and puberty beards. We know how much you want it. But it's just not working out. Our only suggestion is, maybe try again in a few years? But take heart. There are more ways than just facial hair to prove that you're awesome.