As our first entry in to the awesome hall of awesome, we've decided to start things off with some thing truelly and undeniably awesome. Super Heroes. Super Heroes are great. Super Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Just like regular people, but better.There are super heroes with powers, super heroes with out powers, super heroes who have changed powers and super heroes that have lost their powers. Regardless of powers, there is one thing that all superheroes have in common : They are awesome. If you are not awesome, and you became a super hero, you would immediately become awesome too. We decided to examine just a few things that set super heroes apart from ordinary people. Other than being fictional that is.

1. Super Heroes are winners.

Winning is the opposite of losing. Losing is not awesome. If you lose alot, that makes you a loser. How does it feel? Probably not super. Or heroic. In fact just leave now. When you're watching a super hero movie, and the ugly bad guy is facing off against the good looking good guy, is there really any doubt about who will win? Exactly. Heroes are winners. Awesome.

2. Super heroes get the girl. (or not)

Super Heroes always get the girl. Getting the girl is awesome. Any girl whose going out with a super hero is going to be smoking hot. We don't know why. But they are. Apparently Super heroes aren't ugly, and their girls can't be either. The only time a super hero doesn't get the girl, is when they don't want the girl. Like Batman. Batman takes the higher route and decides that he can't have the girl. He's protecting her. He sacrifices his own happiness for the greater good, and that's awesome too. Now that we think about it, super hereos are awesome whether they get the girl or not. Moral of the story? Super Heroes are good looking and awesome people.


3. Super heroes can wear whatever they want.

Remember those bright colored pants that you have in your closet? We do too. And you'll never wear them. Why? Because you'd look retarded. News Flash. Super Heroes Don't do retarded. How about that cape? Plan on wearing it any time soon? Didn't think so. Super Heroes get to rock the cape daily and with pride. Awesome!