Cookies are goood

Speaking as a man, there's really nothing more disappointing than dropping food on the floor, and not being allowed to eat it. Especially if it's a meal that I've been looking forward to all day. Which is pretty much all of them.

Fortunately an ancient tradition has been passed down through the ages that saves clumsy eating men from suffering too much. The Five Second Rule. The five second rule is great because it allows you to make food dirty and still eat it. Because apparently if you pick your food off of the ground before counting to five ( or ten if it's rreeeallly tastey) every germ on the floor has instantly been nullified. Seriously. It's some form of man-magic. We're not saying we completely understand it. We're just saying it's awesome. If you find that being awesome has affected your eating habbits, you may want to give the five second rule a try.