If you've ever sat down to a night of prime time tv in the last five to ten years, there's really only one conclusion that you can come to. Murders are happening every where and all the time. In fact, one or two people were probably murdered even while you were reading this. And awesome and slightly exhausted men wearing cheap suits are the only people who can do any thing about it. These men are murder detectives. And they are on every night from about seven to ten o' clock. If tv has taught us any thing, it's that answering the call to be a murder detective is essentially the MOST AWESOME thing you could ever do. It's a sacred tradition. Whether it's weekly disobeying your captain and never suffering consequences, or slamming a suspect in to that awesome room with the two way mirrors and literally scaring the snot out of them, you can know that as that no-good-culprit lies in a mucose-y heep in the corner, that you are AWESOME! We bet you'll never be embarrassed to tell any one what your job is ever again.